We help our clients to diversify their sources of capital, efficiently execute their capital intensive projects and grow their businesses.

Connecting Borrowers to Lenders

We recognise the need to connect borrowers looking for capital with investors looking to deploy capital. Lenders often do not know where to find those borrowers as and when capital is required.

Conversely, borrowers often do not know where to find suitable lenders or investors, especially as banks recede from the lending landscape and the borrowing requirement involves more nuance and creativity than traditional banking channels permit.

Alternative Debt-Based Capital

Reefine Capital brings alternative debt capital to corporate borrowers, which is more flexible and adaptive to their needs and growth objectives.

For some borrowers, alternative debt capital presents the means to diversify the capital structure, reducing reliance risk in respect of a particular lender and often to the advantage of efficiency in the overall capital structure too.

Business Growth

Through alternative debt capital, a business is better positioned to efficiently execute its capital intensive projects in progression of its strategic growth objectives. We facilitate this growth by finding value-accretive capital that borrowers would typically have difficulty in finding themselves.

In today’s capital markets, there is a proliferation of non-bank capital and private debt seeking yield through an array of investment appetites and mandates, and associated risk/reward parameters. Reefine Capital enables its clients to take advantage of this structural re-ordering of the lending market, by navigating the capital markets and identifying an optimal source of capital for a client’s particular need and, at the same time, facilitating a distribution channel at suitable yield to the lender.

Technical Expertise

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise borne out of many years working at ‘Big 4’ professional advisory firms and global investment banks.

As a result of our breadth of experience and depth of knowledge and skillset, we bring a sophistication to deal origination and deal making, by careful understanding and qualifying of our clients’ needs. We get to know our clients, and we quickly grasp their business objectives. We understand the importance of time and timing, and the need for quick responses. We build relationships based on transparency, integrity, and open dialogue.

This enables us to crystallise the key issues and parameters for a given deal which positions us to identify a suitable lender, or sometime a select pool of suitable lenders, in our extensive network by assessing relevant metrics including risk/reward and interest rate considerations.


We are conscious that reputation and integrity are everything, so we don’t ignore the risks inherent in a deal, and we wouldn’t recommend a deal to lenders and investors in which we wouldn’t be comfortable investing for ourselves.

In any given transaction, the scope of Reefine Capital’s role is defined by the client’s needs and the nature of the lender or investor concerned. Along the spectrum of our service offering, our role ranges from harnessing our network of relationships for purposes of a suitable introduction, all the way through to deal structuring, credit and risk underwriting, financial modelling, investor pitch presentations, as well as term sheet preparation and negotiation.